Novedades, Importados y Ofertas en CD y DVD
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Novedades, Importados y Ofertas en CD y DVD

22/11/2009 (17:30)
Les paso las nuevas ofertas, importados y novedades que ingresaron por si interesa algún otro.

Todos son nuevos y se retiran en Caballito o los Lunes en la zona de Las Cañitas.

Dudas y pedidos:

Adriana Calcanhotto Mare $22
Aha Hunting High & Low $18
Air Love 2 $32
Attaque 77 Estallar $32
Beatles Remasterizados 2009 $50 C/U
Beatles Stereo Box Set (Importado UK) $1350
Ben Harper Live At Twist & Shout 2008 (CD + DVD - USA) $95
Billy Bragg Mr Love & Justice $27
Bjork Debut (Dualdisc - USA) $85
Bjork Post (Dualdisc - USA) $85
Black Crowes Greatest Hits $20
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club BRMC $18
Blur Starshaped (DVD) $32
Blur The Great Escape (UK) $30
Bob Dylan Together Through Life (2 CD + DVD) $50
Bob Marley & The Wailers Burnin (Deluxe Edition 2 CD - UK) $130
Bob Marley & The Wailers Exodus (Deluxe Edition 2 CD - UK) $130
Bob Marley & The Wailers Natty Dread (Remastered C/Bonus - UK) $62
Bob Marley & The Wailers Songs Of Freedom (4 Cd Box - UK) $260
Bon Jovi The Circle $38
Bryan Ferry Dylanesque $16
Calvin Harris Ready For The Weekend (Promo) $18
Catupecu Machu Simetria de Moebius $30
Cream Those Were The Days (4 CD BOX - UK) $260
Creed Full Circle $33 (24/11)
David Gilmour Live in Gdansk (2 CD + 2 DVD) $65
Deep Purple Bananas $16
Flaming Lips Embryonic $35
Foo Fighters Greatest Hits $38 ($28 en Diciembre)
Gathering The West Pole $33
George Harrison All Thing Must Pass (2 CD - UK) $68
Gustavo Cerati Fuerza Natural $28
Horace Andy Rise Up $18
Iggy Pop Brick By Brick $17
Ivan Noble Dicho y Hecho (CD + DVD) $42
Jack Johnson En Concert $38
Jack Johnson Sleep Through The Static $25
Jack Johnson Sleep Through The Static (2 CD - Limited) $36
Jakob Dylan Seeing Things (Promo) $15
Janes Addiction Up From Catacombs: Best Of $23
Jason Mraz Beautiful Mess $65
Jet Shaka Rock (Promo) $15
Joaquín Sabina Vinagre y Rosas $36 (En Diciembre entra a $26)
John Mayer Battle Studies $38 (24/11 - Oferta en Diciembre)
Joss Stone Colour Me Free $33
Judas Priest A Touch of Evil Live $25
Julian Casablancas Phrazes For The Young $38 ($26 en Diciembre)
Kaiser Chiefs Yours Truly Angry Mob $20
Keane Perfect Symmetry $20
Leon Gieco Un Leon D-Mente $32
Living Colour The Chair In The Doorway $35
Los Cafres Hombre Simple / Barrilete (2 CD - Promo) $30
Los Cafres Instinto $20
Lou Reed Berlin (Remastered) $25
Mariano Otero Desarreglos $35
Mercedes Sosa Cantora (2 CD + DVD) $48
Michael Jackson This is It (2 CD + Book) $78 (entra en oferta pronto)
Morcheeba Dive Deep $22
Nick Cave Boatmans Call (UK) $32
Nick Cave The Best Of (UK) $32
Nina Simone Just Like a Woman (Hits) $25
Nirvana Bleach (Remastered 2 CD) $45
Norah Jones The Fall $33 (24/11)
Pearl Jam Ten (Remastered - 2 CD) $42
Primus Brown Album (UK) $52
Prodigy Invaders Must Die (CD + DVD) $30
Queen Absolute Greatest $33 (24/11)
REM Live at Olympia (2 CD + DVD) $70
Rita Lee Multishow Ao Vivo (DVD - Promo) $22
Robbie Williams Reality Killed The Video Star $33
Robert Cray This Time (Promo) $20
Rod Stewart Soulbook $36 (entra en oferta pronto)
Roger Waters Music From The Body $20
Rush Working Men $35
Santana Dance of Serpents (3 CD BOX - USA) $135
Scissor Sister Hurrah! Year od Ta Dah (CD + DVD) $22
Shakira Loba $23
Sister Sledge The Definitive Collection (2 CD) $16 (Recomendado)
Slayer World Painted Blood $33
Slipknot Iowa $23
Slipknot Slipknot $23
Sting If On A Winter Night $38
Stratovarius Polaris $35
The Cure Faith (Deluxe Edition 2 CD - UK) $100
The Cure Join The Dots: 1978/2001 B-Sides (4 CD BOX - UK) $260
The Cure Pornography (Deluxe Edition 2 CD - UK) $100
The Cure Seventeen Seconds (Deluxe Edition 2 CD - UK) $100
The Charlatans You Cross My Path $28
The Decemberist Hazards of Love (Promo) $16
The Housemartins Now That‘s What I Call Quite Good (Uk) $52
The Specials Too Much Too Young $18
The Who Who‘s Next (Remastered C/Bonus - Uk) $55
Them Crooked Vultures (Dave Grohl + Josh Homme + J.P Jones) $38 (24/11)
Underworld 1992-2002: Best Of (2 CD) $36
Underworld Oblivion With Bells $28
US3 Hand on the Torch $15
Weezer Raditude $38

Aerosmith Big Ones (JAP) $100
Beatles Love (CD + DVD - JAP) $250
Beatles Love (CD + DVD) $150
Beatles Mono Box Set (13 CD + DVD - UK) $1900
Beatles Stereo Box Set (Importado UK) $1350
Beck Midnite Vultures (Bonus - JAP) $90
Ben Harper Live at Twist & Shout (CD + DVD - USA) $105
Bjork Debut (Dualdisc CD + DVD - USA) $85
Bjork Homogenic (Dualdisc CD + DVD - USA) $90 (entra el 25/11)
Bjork Medulla (Dualdisc CD + DVD - USA) $90 (entra el 25/11)
Bjork Post (Dualdisc CD + DVD - USA) $85
Bjork Vespertine (Dualdisc CD + DVD - USA) $90 (entra el 25/11)
Blur The Great Escape (UK) $30
Bob Marley & The Wailers Burnin (Deluxe Edition 2 CD - UK) $130
Bob Marley & The Wailers Exodus (Deluxe Edition 2 CD - UK) $130
Bob Marley & The Wailers Natty Dread (Remastered C/Bonus - Uk) $62
Bob Marley & The Wailers Songs Of Freedom (4 CD BOX - UK) $260
Bob Marley Africa Unite: Singles (2 CD - UK) $45
Bob Marley Exodus Anniversary Ed. (CD + DVD + BOOK - UK) $90 (entra el 3/12)
Brand New Heavies Trunk Funk: The Best Of $45
Cassandra Wilson New Moon Daughter (UK) $25
Cream Disraeli Gears (Remastered - UK) $60
Cream Those Were The Days (4 Cd Box - Uk) $260
Deep Purple Made In Japan (2 CD - UK) $75
Diana Krall The Girl in the Other Room (SACD - USA) $70
Dope Fellows (USA) $16
Enrique Bunbury Pequeño Cabaret Ambulante (UK) $28
Eurythmics Peace (4 Bonus Tracks - JAP) $60
George Clinton & P Funk Urban Dancefloor Guerrila (USA) $50
George Harrison All Things Must Pass (2 CD - Importado UK) $80
George Harrison Living In Material World (CD +DVD - Importado UK) $60
Iggy Pop Lust For Life (UK) $32
Jethro Tull Thick As a Brick (UK) $32
Kasabian Empire (CD + DVD Deluxe - JAP) $80
Keith Richards Main Offender (USA) $90 (entra el 10/11)
Lenny Kravitz It´s Time For Love Revolution (2 Bonus - JAP) $95
Mark Ronson Version (Bonus - JAP) $75
Marvin Gaye Midnight Love (Remastered - USA) $30
Marvin Gaye The Very Best Of (Remastered - JAP) $80
Marvin Gaye Whats Going On (Remastered + Bonus - USA) $70
Mercyful Fate Don´T Break The Oath (USA) $38
Mercyful Fate In The Shadows (USA) $38
Miles Davis Columbia Years 55-85 (4 CD) $200
Moby Hotel (Suite Edition 2 CD - UK) $90
Morrissey Ringleader of Tormentors (CD + DVD - Importado JAP) $90
Morrissey Years of Refusal (CD + DVD - Importado UK) $65
Morrissey You´re The Quarry (Mini LP CD + DVD - Importado UK) $80
Muddy Waters I´m Ready (Remastered + Bonus - USA) $78
Nancy Wilson (Heart) Live (USA) $16
Nick Cave Boatmans Call (UK) $32
Nick Cave The Best Of (UK) $32
OST Manhattan (Woody Allen - USA) $50
Ozzy Osbourne Live at Budokan (USA) $50
Ozzy Osbourne Prince of Darkness (4 CD BOX - USA) $185
Paul Mccartney & Wings Venus & Mars (UK) $32
Pearl Jam & Neil Young Mirror Ball (USA) $88
Pearl Jam Live at the Garden (2 DVD - USA) $105
Pearl Jam Pearl Jam (JAP) $85
Pearl Jam Ten (Deluxe Edition 2 CD + DVD - USA) $200
Pearl Jam Vitalogy (USA) $90
Pearl Jam Yield (USA) $88
Pink Floyd Pulse (DVD - USA) $90
Placebo Black Market Music (UK) $50 (entra el 20/11)
Placebo Without You Im Nothing (UK) $50 (1 Tema con Bowie) (entra el 20/11)
Polyphonic Spree The Beginning Stages Of (+ Bonus EP - USA) $80
Primal Scream Rocks (EP - UK) $60
Primus Brown Album (Uk) $52 *
Prince News (JAP) $95
Radiohead In Rainbows (JAP) $95
Rainbow Long Live Rock N Roll (Importado UK) $48
Rem Accelerate (Importado Japan - Promo) $75
Robert Johnson King Of The Delta Blues (USA) $75
Roger Waters The Pros & Cons of Hitch Hiking (USA) $72
Rolling Stones The Biggest Bang (4 DVD - UK) $180
Ron Wood Gimme Some Neck (USA) $78 (Collab. M. Jagger y K. Richards) (entra el 2/12)
Ron Wood Not For Beginners (JAP) $90
Ron Wood Now Look (USA) $95 (Collab. M. Jagger y K. Richards) (entra el 2/12)
Ron Wood Slide on Live: Plugged (USA) $80
Santana Dance of Rainbow Serpents (3 CD BOX) $135
Steve Vai Alien Love Secrets $68
Stevie Ray Vaughan Soul To Soul (Remastered - USA) $45
Stevie Ray Vaughan The Sky Is Crying (Remastered - USA) $48
The Cure Faith (Deluxe Edition 2 Cd - Uk) $100
The Cure Join The Dots: 1978/2001 B-Sides (4 CD BOX - UK) $260
The Cure Pornography (Deluxe Edition 2 CD - UK) $100
The Cure Seventeen Seconds (Deluxe 2 CD - USA) $100
The Cure Three Imaginary Boys (Deluxe 2 CD - USA) $110 (entra el 25/11)
The Housemartins Now That‘s What I Call Quite Good (UK) $52
The Kooks Inside (Bonus Tracks - JAP) $85
The Kooks Konk (Bonus Tracks - JAP) $85
The Police The Police (2 CD - JAP) $120
The Shins Wincing the Night (Bonus - JAP) $80 RECOMENDADO
The Stooges Raw Power (Remastered - USA) $50
The Strokes Is This It (JAP) $80 (2/12)
The Who Who‘s Next (Remastered C/Bonus - Uk) $55 *
Tool 10.000 Days (JAP) $100 (entra de nuevo el 2/12)
Wheatus Teenage Dirtbag (Cover De Erasure - USA) $10
Whitesnake Slide It In (UK) $25
Zach Gill (Jack Johnson) Stuff (JAP) $85

OFERTAS $12 (2 x $20):
Airbag Una Hora En Tokyo
Ariel Rot Ahora Piden Tu Cabeza
Ariel Rot Duos, Trios Y Perversiones
Ariel Rot Para Vos
Armand Van Helden Mix Odyssey
Autenticos Decadentes Supersonico (Mini Lp - Promo)
Avernal No Hope
B.O.S. Another Day To Die
B.O.S. Matrix
B.O.S. Matrix Revolutions (2 Cd)
B.O.S. The Simpsons Movie
Babasonicos Grandes Exitos
Beatsteaks Limbo Mess
Canteca De Macao Camino De La Vida Entera (2 CD)
Casa De Leone Casa De Leones
Claudio Gabis Y La Pesada
David Gray Life In Slow Motion
Embrace Out Of Nothing (Coldplay)
Espiritu Crisalida
Hard Fi Stars Of Cctv
Hard-Fi No Cover Art
Hot Chocolate More Hits
Howard Jones The Platinum Collection
Jovenes Pordioseros Sangre
Jovenes Pordioseros Vicio
Katarro Vandaliko Buenos Muchachos (prod. x A77aque)
Katarro Vandaliko Llegando Al Límite
La Shica Trabajitos
Leann Rimes Whatever We Wanna
Leela James A Change Is Gonna Come (Soul)
Lena Lena C/Bonus
Live Songs From Black Mountain
Living Thins Ahead Of The Lions
Los Animalitos Reyes De La Selva
Los Sueños De Anderson Buenos Aires Trip
Miah Bernard Loves The Police
Michelle Branch Hotel Pape
Missy Elliott The Cookbook
Missy Elliott This Is Not A Test
Missy Elliott Under Construction
Moby Baby Monkey
Motel 17
Motel Motel
Mylo Destroy Rock N Roll
Nativo Consumo
Nativo Vos También
OST Mision Imposible 2
Poison Poisond (Covers)
Ray Charles Friendship
Richard Groove Book Of The Blues 1
Sergio Assad & Odai Jardim Aba (Duo Brasilero Recomendado)
Simple Plan Still Not Gettin Any
Sly & Family Stone Diferent Strokes
Soziedad Alkoholika Mala Sangre
Spinetta Camalotus (EP)
Step Ahead Step Ahead (Jazz Onda Bad Plus)
Taking Back Sunday Sweat Louder Now
The Bad Plus Suspicious Activity
The Callling Two
The Hollies Essential
The Young Knives Superabund
Victoria Abril Putcheros Do Brasil
Villanos Contacto
Villanos No Disparen
Villanos Sacate Todo
Villanos Superpoderosos
Will Smith Willenium
William Orbit Pieces In A Modern Style
X Press 2 Makeshift Feelgood

OFERTAS $16 (2 x $30):
2 Minutos Super Ocho
A Tirador Laser El Titulo Es Secreto
Al Stewart On The Border
Alas Alas
Alicia Keys The Diary (Promo)
Aquelarre Corazones Del Lado Del Fuego
Arcadia So Red The Rose (Duran Duran)
Beach Boys Warmth Of The Sun
Bersuit Don Leopardo
Blondie Beatiful The Remix Album
Bob Dylan Masked & Annonymous (OST)
Brian Wilson Gettin Over My Head (Con Clapton, Elton & Pual McCartney)
Bubu Anabellas
Celeste Acustica2
Culture Club The Best Of
Cyndi Lauper Bring Ya To The Brink
Charly Garcia El Aguante
Charly Garcia Influencia
Charly Garcia Rock And Roll Yo
Charly Garcia Say No More
Chemical Brothers Brotherhood (Singles)
Chemical Brothers Come With Us
Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole
Chemical Brothers Push The Button
Chemical Brothers Singles
Chemical Brothers Surrender
Chris O´Riley Plays Radiohead
Diego Torres Andando
Duran Duran Astronaut
Duran Duran Notorious
Editors The Back Room
Estopa La Calle Es Tuya
Fatboy Slim Halfway
Fatboy Slim Palookaville
Fito Paez Ciudad De Pobres Corazones
Fito Paez Del 63
Fito Paez El Mundo Cabe En Una Canción
Fito Paez Ey!
Fito Paez Mi Vida Sin Ellas 2
Fito Paez Moda Y Pueblo
Fun Lovin Criminals Scooby Snacks: Best Of
George Michael Patience
Gerry Mulligan Jeru
Good Charlotte The Chronicles
Good Charlotte The Young & The Hopeless
Iggy Pop Avenue B
Inxs Definitive
Ivan Noble Nadie Sabe Donde
Jeff Beck The Best Of
Jet Shaka Rock (Promo)
Jethro Tull Crest Of Knave
Jethro Tull Minstrelin The Gallery
Jethro Tull Trough The Years
Joe Perry Joe Perry (Aerosmith)
Katrina & The Waves Greatest Hits
Kc & The Sunshine Band The Best Of
La 25 Mundo Perfecto
Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way
Lenny Kravitz Baptism
Lenny Kravitz Let Love Rule
Lenny Kravitz Mama Said
Leo Garcia Cuarto Creciente
Leon Gieco Desenchufado
Leon Gieco Mensajes Del Alma
Leon Gieco Orozco
Leon Gieco Semillas Del Corazon
Los Jaivas Los Jaivas
Los Pericos 1000 Vivos
Los Pericos El Ritual De La Banana
Luis Alberto Spinetta Peluson Of Milk
Macy Gray The ID
Maria Gabriela Epumer Señorita Corazón
Miranda El Templo Del Pop
Miranda Sin Restricciones
Mississippi Blues Band Cara Y Ceca
Mississippi Blues Band Classic
Monkees Head (DVD)
Morrissey World Of Morrissey
Motorhead On Parole
Nerd Seeing Sounds (Promo)
OMD The Best Of
OST Rocky 1
Outkast Big Boi & Dre Presents
Outkast Idlewild
Pappos Blues Volumen 1 -7 (Remasterizados) c/u
Paul Dianno The Beast Live - 10 Tracks (Iron Maiden)
Paul Simon Surprise (Ultimo)
Peter Hammill Fools Mate
Peter Tosh Collection
Philip Glass North Star
Robert Plant Mighty Arreanger
Rolling Stones Let It Bleed
Santana All That I Am
Saxon A Collection Of Metal
Sister Sledge Definitive Collection (2 Cd)
Super Furry Animals Singles
Talk Talk Collection
Television Television
The Shadows The Very Best Of
The Stooges Weirdness
The Streets A Grand Don´T Come
The Zutons Tired Of Hanging
The Zutons Who Kill The Zutons
Tiga Sexor
Tori Amos The Beekeper
Ub 40 Guns In The Ghetto
Ub 40 Labour Of Love
UFO The Best Of
US3 Hand On The Torch
Varios Bossa & Ramones
Varios Jazz & 70s
Whitney Houston Definitive

OFERTAS $18 (2 x $34):
Beach Boys Smiley Smile / Wild Honey
Beastie Boys The Mix Up
Beastie Boys To The 5 Boroughs
Blondie Live By Request (DVD)
Bruce Springsteen The Raising
Caballeros De La Quema Vivo Obras (2 CD)
Creedence In Concert
David Bowie Best Of 1969-1974
David Bowie Lets Dance
David Bowie Never Let Me Down
David Bowie Tonight
Death In Vegas Milk It: Greatest Hit (2 CD)
Depeche Mode A Broken Frame
Depeche Mode Remixes
Dream Theater Awake
Dream Theater Change Of Season
El Bordo Carnaval De Las Heridas
El Bordo En La Vereda De Enfrente
El Bordo Un Grito En El Viento
El Bordo Ya Canto
El Otro Yo Espejismos
El Tri Desde El Otro Lado - Vivo
Elo Balance
Elo Face The Music
Emma Horvilleur Mordisco
Enigma Greatest Hits
Ennio Morricone Film Music Of Ennio Morriconne
Fabulosos Cadillacs En Vivo En Bsas (Remasterizado)
Gran Martell Dos Huecos
Guns & Roses Chinese Democracy
Guns & Roses Use Your Ilusion II
Herbie Hancock Cantaloup Island
Iggy Pop Brick By Brick
John Philips Pay Pack & Follow (Rolling Stones)
Johnny Rivers 17 Hits A Gogo
Joni Mitchell Refuge Of The Roads (DVD)
Jorge Drexler La Edad Del Cielo
Jorge Drexler Sea
Juan Carlos Baglietto Tiempos Dificiles
Mataplantas Escape Del Planeta Viviente
Megadeth Capitol Punishment
Megadeth Cryptic Writings
Migue Garcia Ciencia Ficcion
Mika Life In Cartoon Motion
Morrissey Bonadragg
Natas Muchen Sessions
No Te Va Gustar Aunque Cueste Ver El Sol
Outkast Speakerboxx (2 Cd)
Perry Farrel Ultrapayloaded
Placebo Meds
Powerstation (R. Palmer + Duran Duran)
Prince Around The World
Red Hot Chili Peppers Freaky Styley
Red Hot Chili Peppers Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
Rem And I Feel Fine
Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre Live
Sex Pistols Kiss This (Nevermind + 7 Bonus Tracks)
Shakira Fijacion Oral 1
Suicidal Tendencies Join The Army
The Buzzcocks Finest Ever Fallen In
The Buzzcoks Entertaining Friends
The Cure Head On The Door
The Who & Friends Quadrophenia Live (DVD)

OFERTAS $22 (2 x $40):
Al Di Meola One Of This Nights (DVD)
Andres Calamaro Tinta Roja
Audioslave Live in Cuba (DVD)
Black Crowes Greatest Hits
Bob Marley Confrontation
Bon Jovi Lost Highway
Brandford Marsalis Anthology
Echo & The Bunnymen Ballyhoo: Best Of
Enrique Bunbury Flamingos
Joe Jackson Rain (CD + DVD)
Johnny Cash Ridin The Rails (DVD)
Keane Perfect Symmetry
Michael Buble Its Time (Deluxe)
Neil Diamond Home Before Dark
Nickelback Dark Horse
No Te Va Gustar Solo de Noche
Orishas A Lo Cubano
Otis Redding Otis Blue
Pedro Aznar & David Levon Vivo 1
Pedro Aznar & David Levon Vivo 2
Roger Waters Music From The Body
Ruben Juarez Vivo (DVD)
Sex Pistols Nevermind The Bollocks
Silverchair Diorama
The Offspring Americana
Ziggy Marley Live (DVD)
Ziggy Marley Love Is My Religion

OFERTAS $25 (3 x $70):
Adriana Calcanhotto Maré
Aerosmith Pump
Amparanoia La Vida Te Da
Amy Winehouse Back To Black
Babasonicos Mezclas Infame (2 CD)
Beatles First Beat
Beatles Help (Ed. Vieja)
Beatles Yellow Submarine Songtrack
Bebel Gilberto Bebel Gilberto
Bebel Gilberto Momento
Bebo Valdes Bebo Rides Again
Beck Mellow Gold
Ben Harper Lifeline
Billie Hiliday Remixed & Reimagined
Billy Cobham Warning
Billy Idol Idoliz Yourself - Very Best
Bjork Debut
Bjork Post
Bjork Volta
Calvin Harris I Created Disco
Carla Bruni No Promises
Cassandra Wilson Closer - The Pop Side
Cassandra Wilson New Moon Daughter (UK)
Culture Club Live At Royal Albert Hall (DVD)
Chris Cornell Carry On
Dancing Mood Deluxe (DVD)
Diana Krall From This Moment On
Diana Krall Live in Paris
Diana Krall When I Look Into Your Eyes
Duffy Rockferry
Echo & The Bunnymen Live In Liverpool
Eddie Vedder Into The Wild (Entra a fin de mes)
Edgar Winter Winter Blues
Erikah Badu Live
Feist Let It Die
Foo Fighters Echoes, Silence, Patience (Entra a fin de mes)
Franz Ferdinand Tonight (Entra a fin de mes)
George Benson Essential (2 CD)
George Clinton Live at Montreaux 2004
Gilberto Gil Luminoso
Good Bad & The Queen
Guns & Roses Welcome To The Videos (DVD)
Gwen Stefani The Sweet Scape
Herbie Hancock River (Joni Mitchell)
Housemartins The Best Of
Interpol Our Love To Admire
Jack Johnson Curious George
Jack Johnson In Between Dreams
Jack Johnson Sleep Through The Static
John Mayall A Hard Road
John Mayall Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton (Discazo)
John Mayall Padlock On The Blues (Con J.L. Hooker)
Joni Mitchell Shine
Josh Groban Collection (2 Cd)
Juana Molina Segundo
Kasabian West Ryder Pauper Lunatic
Kiss Dynasty
Kiss Music From The Elder
Las Pelotas Amor Seco
Las Pelotas Corderos en la Noche
Las Pelotas Mascaras de Sal
Las Pelotas Todo x Un Polvo
Leonard Cohen Songs Of L. Cohen (Remastered + 2 Bonus)
Los Piojos Chac Tu Chac
Madeleine Peyroux Careless Love
Madeleine Peyroux Half The Perfect World
Marilyn Manson Best Of
Mars Volta Bedlam in Goliath
Marvin Gaye Midnight Love (2 CD Deluxe)
Marvin Gaye The Best Of
MGMT Oracular Spectacular
Nazareth Greatest Hits Live
Nightwish Highest Hopes: Best Of
Nina Simone High Priestess Of Soul
Nina Simone Remixed & Reimaginated
Nine Inch Nails With Teeth
Nirvana Greatest Hits
Nirvana Sliver: Best Of The Box
No Doubt Return To Saturn
Norah Jones Not Too Late
Ornette Coleman Something Else
Ornette Coleman Tomorrow Is The Question
Peter Green Reaching The Cold 100
Peter Green Time Traders (Discazo de Blues)
Pj Harvey Uh Uh Her
Pj Harvey White Chalk
Portishead Dummy
Portishead Live In Nyc
Portishead Portishead
Prince Planet Earth
Pulp Hits
Ray Charles In Concert (DVD)
Ricardo Iorio Ayer Deseo, Hoy Realidad (Nuevo)
Sarah Brightman Winter Symphony
Snow Patrol Final Straw
Soda Stereo MTV Unplugged (DVD)
Sonny Rollins Essential (2 CD)
Supergrass Is 10 - Hits
System Of A Down Hypnotize (CD + DVD)
The Cure Disintegration
The Cure Live
The Cure Wish
The Killers Sam´S Town
The Killers Sawdust
The Who & Friends Live At The Royal Albert Hall (DVD) (Con Vedder, Oasis, Etc)
U2 Boy (Remastered)
U2 October (Remastered)
U2 Under A Blood Red Sky (Remastered)
U2 War (Remastered)
Velvet Underground & Nico
Viejas Locas Especial: Grandes Exitos (2 Cd)
Vinicius/Toquinho/Bethania La Fusa en Mar del Plata
Vinicius/Toquinho/Creuza La Fusa
Weezer Red Album
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever To Tell

OFERTAS $30 (3x $85):
Ac/Dc Black Ice (entra a fin de mes)
Albert Pla Vida Milagros (Cd + DVD)
Alice Cooper The Nightmare Returns (DVD)
Amy Winehouse I Told You - Live In London (DVD)
Bjork Greatest Hits
Bjork MTV Unplugged & Live (DVD)
Bjork Vespertine Live (DVD)
Black Label Society 1919
Black Label Society Hangover Music
Black Label Society Kings Of Dammantion
Black Label Society Sonic Brew
Black Sabbath Paranoid
Blur Starshaped (DVD)
Bob Dylan Christmas In The Heart (entra a fin de mes)
Bob Dylan Don´T Look Back (DVD)
Bob Dylan The Other Side Of The Mirror (DVD)
Bobby McFerrin Live in Montreal (DVD)
Bruce Springsteen Dust & Devil (Cd + DVD)
Bruce Springsteen We Shall Overcome (Cd + DVD)
Bruce Springsteen Working On A Dream
Caetano Veloso Ce - Multishow Ao Vivo (DVD)
Caetano Veloso Noites Do Norte Ao Vivo (DVD)
Cafe Tacuba MTV Unplugged (DVD)
Carla Bruni Quelqu´Un M´A Dit
Coldplay Viva La Vida + Prospekt March (2 CD)
Cream Strange Brew (DVD)
Curtis Mayfield Movin On Up (DVD)
Dio Killing Angry Machines
Dio Killing Evil or Divine
Dio Killing Magica
Dio Killing The Dragon
Dream Theater Metropolis (DVD)
Dream Theater Six Degrees (2 CD)
Fabiana Cantilo En La Vereda Del Sol
Fabulosos Cadillacs El Arte De La Elegancia
Ferry Corsten Twice In A Blue Moon
Fratellis Edgy In Brixton (DVD)
Gustavo Cerati Fuerza Natural
Incubus Look Alive (DVD)
Jimi Hendrix Live At Monterrey (DVD)
John Coltrane Giant Steps
John Fogerty The Long Road Home In Concert (DVD)
Johnny Cash In Ireland (DVD)
Kaiser Chiefs Live At Ellan Road (DVD)
Kiss Rock The Nation (2 DVD)
La Renga Trueno Tierra (2 Cd)
Las Pelotas Basta
Level 42 Live At Wembley (DVD)
Los Cafres Hombre Simple / Barrilete (2 CD Promo)
Mc Fly RadioActive
Morcheeba Dive Deep
Morcheeba From Brixton to Beijing (DVD)
New Order The Story (DVD)
Nirvana Live Tonight Sold Out (DVD)
Paul Stanley One Live Kiss (DVD)
Pet Shop Boys Cubism (DVD)
Pj Harvey On Tour (DVD)
Poncho Ponchototal
Prince Live At The Aladdin (DVD)
Ratones Paranoicos Ratones Paranoicos
Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Videos (DVD)
Red Hot Chili Peppers Live At Slane Castle (DVD)
Red Hot Chili Peppers Off The Map (DVD)
Rem Perfect Square (DVD)
Rem The Film Is On (DVD)
Rita Lee Bossa N Beatles
Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation (DVD)
Shakira Loba (Entra a fin de mes)
Simply Red Stay Live At Royal Albert Hall (DVD)
Stevie Ray Vaughan Live In Montreaux (2 CD)
Sting All This Time (DVD)
Sui Generis Obras Cumbres (2 CD)
Testament Live In London
The Cure Festival 2005 (DVD)
The Cure Greatest Hits: Videos (DVD)
The Hives Tussels In Brussels (DVD)
The Police Everyone Stated (DVD)
The Smiths The Complete Picture (DVD)
The Who Whos Better - Videos (DVD)
U2 Live At The Red Rocks (DVD)
U2 Popmart (DVD)
U2 ZooTV (DVD)
Van Halen Live Right Here (DVD)
Van Halen Live Without A Net (DVD)
Van Halen Videos (DVD)
Wolfmother Please Experience (DVD)
Yngwie Malmsteen Alchemy
Yngwie Malmsteen Facing The Animal
Yngwie Malmsteen Magnus Opus
ZZ Top Eliminator

OFERTAS $35 (3x $100):
Ac/Dc No Bull - Director´S Cut (DVD)
Alice in Chains Black Gives Way To Blue
Arctic Monkeys Humbug $35
BB King Live (DVD)
Bebel Gilberto All In One
Blur A Beginners Guide (2 CD Promo)
Coldplay Live 2003 (DVD)
Cranberries Live (DVD)
David Bowie Serious Moonlight (DVD)
Deep Purple Concerto For Group & Orchestra 69 (DVD)
Depeche Mode Sounds Of The Universe
Depeche Mode Touring The Angel (DVD)
Editors In This Light
El Cuarteto de Nos Bipolar
Elvis Presley 1ºS Hits (DVD)
Flaming Lips The Embryonic
Foo Fighters Live At Wembley (Dvd)
Franz Ferdinand Blood
Gato Barbieri Live At Montreal (DVD)
Gossip Live In Liverpool (CD + DVD)
Guns & Roses Use Your Ilusion Live 1 (DVD)
Jimi Hendrix The Dick Cavett Show (DVD)
John Lennon Imagine (DVD)
John Mayer Where The Light Is - Concert 2008 (DVD)
Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage
Living Colour The Chair In The Doorway
Lynyrd Skynyrd God & Guns
Marillion Live From Loreley (DVD)
Mark Knopfler Get Lucky
Medeski Martin & Wood Radiolarians Iii
Megadeth Endgame
Michael Jackson #1s Videos (DVD)
Michael Jackson History (DVD)
Mika The Boy Who Knew Too Much
Nine Inch Nails Live: Beside You In Time (DVD)
Nine Inch Nails The Fragile (2 CD)
Nirvana MTV Unplugged (DVD)
Pappo Por Siempre 2 (CD + DVD)
Paramore Brand New Eyes
Pet Shop Boys Concrete - Life In Pop (DVD)
Pet Shop Boys Popart: Greatest Hits (2 CD)
Pet Shop Boys Yes
Peter Gabriel Growing Up Tour (DVD)
Peter Gabriel Videos (DVD)
Placebo Battle For The Sun
Placebo Soulmates: Live In Paris (DVD)
Radiohead Live At The Astoria (DVD)
Radiohead The Best Of (DVD)
Rammstein Live Aus Berlin (DVD)
Robert Cray This Time
Scarlett Johanson Break Up
Scissor Sister Hurrah (CD + DVD)
Stevie Ray Vaughan Pride & Joy (DVD)
The Clash Revolution Rock (DVD)
The Verve This Is Music: Videos (DVD)
U2 Vertigo 2005 (DVD)
Varios Motown 50º Anniversary (3 CD - RECOMENDADO)
Zappa Does Humor Belong In Music (DVD)
Zero 7 Yeah Ghost

Ac/Dc Family Jewels (2 DVD) $45
Beatles Remasterizados 2009 $50 C/U
Beatles Remasterizados 2009 Dobles $78 C/U
Billy Joel Stranger (2 Cd) $40
Bob Dylan Together Through Life (2 Cd + Dvd Box) $55
Buena Vista Social Club Rhythms Del Mundo Classics $42
David Bowie Best Of (2 DVD) $48
David Gilmour Live In Gdansk (2 Cd + 2 Dvd) $65
David Gilmour Remember That Night (con Bowie - 2 DVD) $48 (entra a fin de mes)
Depeche Mode 101 (2 DVD) $48
Depeche Mode Devotional (2 DVD) $48
Diana Krall Quiet Nights (Deluxe Cd + Dvd) $42
Gustavo Cerati Ahi Vamos (CD + DVD) $42
Heroes Del Silencio Discos Remasterizados Dobles $38 C/U
Iron Maiden Live After Death (2 Dvd) $50
Ivan Noble Dicho Y Hecho (CD + DVD) $45
Joe Satriani Live (2 DVD) $45
Lenny Kravitz Let Love Rule (20th Anniversary) $48
Leonard Cohen Live In London (2 CD) $42
Madonna Celebration (2 CD) $45
Madonna Celebration (2 DVD) $65
Manu Chao Babylonia En Guagua (DVD) $40
Manu Chao Baionarena (2 CD + DVD) $60
Mercedes Sosa Cantora (2 CD + DVD) $50
Mika The Boy Who Knew Too Much (Limited - 2 Cd) $52
Miles Davis Kind Of Blue Deluxe (2 Cd + DVD) $80
Morphine At Your Service (2 CD) $45
Muse The Resistance $38
Muse The Resistance (CD + DVD) $60
Pearl Jam Ten Reedition (2 CD) $40
Porcupine Tree The Incident (2 Cd) $45
Rolling Stones The Biggest Bang (4 DVD - UK) $180
Serrat & Sabina - 2 Pajaros de un Tiro (2 CD + DVD) $45
Slipknot Slipknot (Cd + Dvd) $55
Soda Stereo Me Veras Volver (2 DVD) $45
The Animals The Complete (2 Cd) $38
Therion The Miskolc Experience (CD + DVD) $55